Wolver Biotec

Wolver Biotec, a company known for marketing quality medicine at economical price, was launched keeping in mind the need of Indian conditions. The company was launched in year 2008 by professionals having experience of not only marketing of more then 26 years at that time, but also had an expertise in launching new molecules and establishing them as brand to reckon with. Today many of those brands are stars of pharmaceutical industry. More over these professional had excellant rapport with the super specialists beacouse of their dedicated and selfless service to not only medical community but needy patients also. In last 5 years this has helped in establishig Wolver Biotec a force to reckon with.

Our Values

Our core commitment is to provide high quality medicines at lower cost so that maximum numbers of patients are benefitted vis-à-vis creation of healthy India.

Commitment of providing assistance to Medical fraternity is of core importance to us. We work as a family with our internal as well as our external customers by looking after the minutest details.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a trustworthy company for the critical care segment of pharmaceutical Industry.


The Company has vision, resources, associates, and patience to fulfill this future planning. Moreover the corporate has open mind to suggestions and criticism for improvement in company progress towards its ambitious goal.

Professionals having successful experience in specialty pharmacy marketing of more than 30 years have launched the company. Wolver Biotec has been joined by experienced, dedicated and honest associates to fulfill it dreams. Company professionals are well versed in customer relationship management and are aware of needs, wants and aspirations of not only internal customers but external customers as well.